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6/21/21, 1:46 PM



Portland Oregon is in the National Spotlight once again.

It has been widely reported that Portland Police Bureau’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) resigned in mass last week after one of their team members was indicted over an alleged assault that took place during one of the riots last summer. According to reports, the demonstrators were well prepared and equipped for action and the RRT struggled with the demonstrators after declaring the event a riot.


Yesterday, (6/20/21), Portland Police Association Executive Director Daryl Turner, stated on a Fox News Broadcast, that elected officials “ENCOURAGED and ENABLED SOME OF THE VIOLENCE” during the course of the nightly riots in Portland last summer.




Last July Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty spoke in front of the Portland Justice Center fanning the flames of “REVOLUTION.” Commissioner Hardesty stated, “We have a revolution to complete…” She added, “We will revolutionize what community safety looks like.”


City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty…Part1

City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty…Part2

(Due to interference we apologize for the quality of this video excerpt)


Earlier, Hardesty demanded that “FEDERAL GOONS” be removed from Portland and apparently had no problem with all of the destruction leveled against the Federal Courthouse.

Later that same night all hell broke loose in downtown Portland and the Federal Courthouse was one of many targeted locations and Ranch Matters witnessed first hand what Hardesty’s revolution looked like.


The City was under siege, business owners were demanding protection, but the police were the ones handcuffed or ordered to “stand down” by the local officials.


While covering the demonstrations/riots last summer we had an opportunity to video record two very “irritated” Portland Police Bureau Officers explain to an upset downtown business owner exactly why their hands had been tied by the City Council. The Officers stated, “We follow the direction from City Council, the City Council wants this to go on-so we do nothing.”


The frustrated business owner asked the officers, is this the City Council’s position, to allow the protestors to burn down buildings…? The officers responded, “yes, yes.”

Local Business Owner & PPB Officers Talk

The above exchanged continued in the attached second (excerpt) video and the officers provide some insight behind the on-going chaos, “based on a very loud minority.” They suggested the “silent majority” needs to get involved and referred the business owner back to the City Council.


Local Business Owner & PPB Officers Talk  PT2


According to reports, Commissioner, Hardesty called the Rapid Response Team an unaccountable “rogue paramilitary organization” that needed disbanded.


Did Hardesty, as an elected official, “encourage and enable some of the violence” and tacitly give the rioters her blessing to destroy the City?


Ranch Matters Staff

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