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8/15/20, 9:17 AM

Jefferson County Planning Commission Meeting

Last Thursday (8/13/20), the Planning Commission held their first public hearing at the Madras Performing Arts Center regarding the proposed development of a church and community center on Crooked River Ranch (CRR).

Attendees started to line up in front of the Center about 45 minutes before and according to County Officials seating was limited to 87 people.

A Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy was stationed at the entrance keeping count. All attendees had to sign in and indicate whether they were FOR or AGAINST the project. There were 49 people who signed in.

The meeting started at approximately 5:30 PM and was Chaired by Commissioner Cole Gayheart, a resident of CRR. Planning Department personnel along with Jefferson County Sheriff , Jim Adkins, County Counsel, Alexa Gassner and County Administrator, Jeff Rasmussen also attended.

CRR/BOD President Carl Harbour also was in attendance, but did not participate.

After Gayheart explained the process he asked Planning Director Phil Stenbeck to discuss his Staff Report and then the project applicant, Mr. Frank Wood, pitched the project and answered questions.

The Commission heard initially from residents FOR the project and then those AGAINST.

The meeting wrapped up with Mr. Wood’s rebuttal and the Commission agreeing to hold a second public hearing on August 27, 2020.

Meeting adjourned approximately at 7:45 PM.

See Video Snippets for further details

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