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10/15/20, 3:45 PM

Ranch Matters obtained a copy of a letter dated 9/11/20, from the Applicant to Planning Director, Phil Stenbeck,

APPEAL FORM dated 9/14/20

Phil Stenbeck’s Staff Report dated 9/29/20.

10/14/20, 2:29 PM



We last reported on 8/27/20, that the Jefferson County Planning Commission held their final public hearing at the Madras Performing Arts Center regarding the proposed development of a church and community center on Crooked River Ranch (CRR).

The church proposal included “multifaceted” provisions and too many unanswered questions so the Commission voted to deny the project as submitted.


Today Ranch Matters confirmed an Appeal Request was filed on 9/14/20 and according Phil Stenbeck, Jefferson County Community Development Director,

Appeals of this nature are accepted or denied by the County Board of Commissioner’s. Stenbeck stated the County has approved the applicants request for an appeal and he referred to it as a “De Novo” appeal, meaning the applicant is “starting from the beginning.”

Stenbeck added the the new application only includes a church and caretakers home.

As an aside, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioner’s can override the Planning Commission’s decision.

The Planning Commission has scheduled a public hearing on Wednesday, 11/04/20, 5:30 PM at the Madras Performing Arts Center.

Ranch Matters Staff

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