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7/31/20, 1:56 PM

On 7/27/20, Ranch Matters posted a “CHURCH CHATTER UPDATE” regarding public records- LETTERS we obtained from Tanya Cloutier from the County Planning Department about the proposed development of a church and community center on Crooked River Ranch (CRR).

There were 14 total records/letters provided to us including 1 letter from former CRR/SRD Chairman, Rich Hoffmann. Hoffmann’s letter was dated 7/17/20 and marked received by the County on 7/20/20.

Hoffmann’s letter had a second page “ATTACHED”, according to Ms. Cloutier, that was unsigned and not dated. Cloutier confirmed she received both pages as part of Hoffmann’s submission.

Hoffmann’s aforementioned 2 page letter was additionally emailed on 7/17/20, to Jefferson County Commissioners Wayne Fording, Mae Huston, Kelly Simmelink, as well as, Jefferson County Administrator, Jeff Rasmussen, CRR President Carl Harbour and Ranch Manager Judy Lapora.

Today we submitted a public records request to Commissioner/Chair, Kelly Simmelink requesting a copy of Hoffmann’s email. Simmelink responded, confirmed and shared with Ranch Matters, Hoffmann’s email, dated 7/17/20, titled : NEW CHURCH CRR and Hoffmann’s LETTER.

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