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June 3, 2020

What has Changed in Two and One Half Years?



6/03/20, 5:59 PM




At last Monday’s BOD/Work Session Meeting, Ranch President Carl Harbour, addressed IT issues and the Cyber Attack last year. Harbour explained, “You have a computer system, and back up systems and protocols, that are outdated and don’t get addressed-then all of a sudden you find your vulnerable.” He added, “It’s one of those things, where you sorta get caught with your pants down.”

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Harbour confirmed meeting with the Ranch IT Tech and had Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora provided a detailed report on the IT Systems and the IT Tech-“Matt.”

Lapora said, “Part of what happened I think, when, we had this cyber attack was that, Matthew works for us on a on-call basis-not contracted to do Maintenance…” Further, “Because of that, it was more hit and miss, if we had an issue…”

Lapora then somewhat passed the buck and added, “Some of the things we thought he (Matt) was doing as far as checking our backup systems, etc, weren’t being done and we did not know that.”


The July 2019 A/R (Action Required) Log, reflects Lapora as being the responsible party for the Ranch resiliency plan that includes, “recovery from loss of key personnel or loss of critical records or IT systems.”

3 Months later the Ranch was HACKED and on October 28, 2019, the Board held a Special Emergency Meeting with the stated reason: “To discuss a disruption in our computer services which is influencing our ability to operate the Ranch.”

Returning to Lapora’s Monday’s report, “Matt is recommending we go to a membership status with him…” The membership status/agreement would provide the Ranch with a certain amount of his time and services as opposed to the apparent “hit and miss” program Lapora eluded to.

Lapora ends her report by recommending proceeding with the membership status for Matt.


Matt’s last name is Stubbs and according to Oregon State records he HAD a business listed under the Assumed Business Name: “CASCADE PROFESSIONAL COMPUTING” based out of Redmond, Oregon. However, according to the Secretary of State, Matt’s business was Administratively Dissolved on November 25, 2015. The State representative confirmed there is “NO ACTIVE REGISTRATION/NO ACTIVE BUSINESS” in Matt Stubbs name.

ORS 648.007 (1) STATES: “No person shall carry on, conduct or transact business under an assumed business name in a county where the business is located, where a physical facility of the business is located or where an employee of the business stationed, unless the person has registered the assumed business name as provided. In this chapter and maintains a current registration.”

Ranch Matters called Matt today and asked him to clarify his business status and he refused to provide any information including his his own business name. Matt told us to contact the Ranch Administration and hung up.

We took Matt’s advice and called the Ranch Administration and Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora was gracious enough to take time out of her busy day and answered some questions.

Lapora confirmed Matt’s business name is Cascade Professional Computing and that he was hired before her time. She stated he’s a 1099 contractor with an office in Redmond, but was unable to confirm whether he is bonded, has insurance or was properly vetted due to the sensitive nature of the data he has access to. She indicated she would look in to it.

Additionally, Lapora confirmed she hasn’t heard back from the FBI regarding last years cyber attack and their investigation.

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