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6/26/23, 6:05 PM HOME ON THE RANGE “Please don’t judge us” Homelessness is on the raise and according to some reports, Oregon is experiencing a

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12/11/22, 8:06 PM FIRE ON THE WIRE Photo submitted by John Seely . Ranch Matters was contacted tonight by residents that saw the sky lit

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Reply to “ANONYMOUS”

10/26/22, 4:05 PM Reply to “ANONYMOUS”   Ranch Matters recently received In the mail a request to investigate some matters related to the operations of a particular significant Ranch entity. The …

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10/01/20, 12:12 PM BUZZ STOP There’s been some local buzz regarding the bus stop on Mustang Road. According to the 8/17/20, CRR/BOD Regular Meeting Minutes, the Ranch received a letter from an Association…

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Luciferian March, Salem Oregon

*UPDATE* An event put on by the Disciples of Lucifer today at the State Capitol from 2-11 pm, seemed to be a bust. With visibly no Disciples in attendance, Ranch Matters did have the opportunity to speak…

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