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4/20/22, 2:56 PM “MAJOR DISASTER” Massive food & energy shortages are on the rise. Grain and fertilizer shipments are being disrupted. Basic everyday items are becoming scarce. The national news is…

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1/12/21, 4:30. PM TRUMP’S RECIPE? On 12/06/20, we posted a story titled, DO YOU HAVE A RECIPE FOR CHINA? Little did we know, a few weeks earlier and with little or no fanfare, President Trump signed…

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01/06/21, 5:01 PM “STOP THE STEAL” At today’s “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington D.C., tens of thousands of taxpaying citizens gathered in front of the Capital Building, demonstrating their wrath over…

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9/11/20, 6:40 PM WILDFIRE RELIEF REPORT Ranch Matters stopped by the Deschutes County EXPO CENTER and learned the Center is not be used as an actual evacuation location, but rather as a “REGISTRATION …

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9/01/20, 1:07 PM “60 MORE DAYS” Oregon Governor Kate Brown has extended the Coronavirus Emergency until November 03, 2020. See ATTACHED Executive Order 20-38 for details,   Ranch Matters Staff…

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