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Opinion – Editorial

Opinion – Editorial BY DALE WILEY ReElect Beth Gatchell and Nate Russel to the Crooked River Ranch Water Company Board of Directors.   I am

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9/9/22  2:02 PM  LETTER TO THE EDITOR THANK YOU! By Georgia Crouch I would just like to Thank Each & Every One of You who came to the meeting~ there will be another meeting on Oct 27th @ 5:30 at the…

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Letter to the Editor

By Rebecca Anne 6-1-22 This is all my opinion based on the research I’ve done. That includes reading documents, listening to meetings, interviews and so on. It also includes direct interactions via…

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What About The Oversight

4-28-22  10:20 AM by Rebecca Ann What about the oversight   What about everyone’s Constitutional Rights out here on the ranch? Just some questions and thoughts I wanted to mention. At the last zoom board…

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2-13-22 1:50PM LETTER TO THE EDITOR By Maitland Ward My name is Maitland Ward. In 1973 My father Robert, Bob Lord and Bill McPherson spent months creating CRR as a place where retired people could live…

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Letter to the Editor: OBSERVATIONS

By Dale Wiley I am a little late in reading this months Telegraph, but found a couple of interesting items that gave me pause to think that maybe they apply to our HOA elected leaders as well, especially…

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