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2/10/23, 5:22 PM SPIES, LIES & DEMONIZE? . The current political climate (nationally & locally) is littered with confusion, fear and threats tied to government

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6/11/22, 4:42 PM “FIGHT FOR FREEDOM” People’s Rights of Oregon 5 (PRO5) is hosting a 3 day Fight For Freedom Event at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds. The event kicked off yesterday and runs through …

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01/23/2022, 2:11 PM THE “UN-AMERICAN” “I WOULD TELL THEM (People’s Rights) they’re an anti-American, dangerous group that repulses me…” (Deschutes County Chief Law Enforcement Officer/District Attorney…

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10/30/20, 1:09 PM BULL Some of you may have seen a story published in the Bend Bulletin titled, “Online newspaper rankles Crooked River Ranch board.” The story was written by Bulletin reporter, Garrett…

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CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting

                                             3/02/20, 5:08 PM CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting Meeting started at 10:00 AM and ended at about 11:47 AMAll 7 Board of Directors present and the Chair recognized…

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