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2022 WRAP UP

01/05/2023 5:58 PM 2022 WRAP UP . Much like 2021, Ranch Matters (RM) has stayed the course and uncovered some interesting facts and events that

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Just a reminder

Hello All~ By Georgia Crouch   Just a reminder to come to the meeting on Oct 27th @ 5:30~ regarding the land proposal behind the fire station that would allow a 54 lot subdivision~ Here is a copy…

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10/19/22, 1:24 PM INMATES ON THE RANCH Today Jefferson County Sheriff, Jason Pollock provided Crooked River Ranch a couple of inmates to help clear the South Pasture of rocks, old tires, debris and…

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10/7/2022 4:59 PM OCTOBER BREAST AWARENESS MONTH Kelly Simmelink, Jefferson County Commissioner’s Video Statement: Join me in the fight against Breast cancer. I’m proud to represent Jefferson County in…

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9/23/22, THE BUS STOPS HERE   Brief Report As of September 6, Cascade East Transit (CET) started providing FREE shopper and medical shuttle rides between Crooked River Ranch (CRR) and Redmond Mondays…

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Honor Procession

8-18-22 Honor Procession Late yesterday afternoon, the bodies of Bend Firefighter Daniel Harro and his Twin Brother Mark Harro was returned to Bend escorted by a Procession of Law Enforcement, Fire and…

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8/12/22, 2:50 PM MAC’S ISLAND Last night (8/11/22), the Jefferson County Planning Commission held not one, but two back-to-back hearings, regarding the McPherson’s family proposal to build 54 residential…

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