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Luciferian March, Salem Oregon

*UPDATE* An event put on by the Disciples of Lucifer today at the State Capitol from 2-11 pm, seemed to be a bust. With visibly no Disciples in attendance, Ranch Matters did have the opportunity to speak…

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5/15/20   It’s official…. Goodwill in Bend and Redmond are open. Bend GW staff are being proactive and enforcing social distancing, handing out masks to those who don’t have them and sanitizing…

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The Revival of Victory Gardens

4/10/20   9: 36 AM By Stephanie Stevens Amidst COVID-19, the world population is not only witnessing, but feeling the effects of the virus and “Stay Home Stay Healthy” orders. As escalated measures are…

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93.7 FM-5/03/18 4:22 PM

4/30/18, 3:18 PM UPDATE The Unexplained! THE NUMBERS GAME? 93.7/93.3/95.7 MYSTERY BEHIND THE MUSIC? Following a lead today regarding a mix of music, static and numbers transmitted in foreign languages-German,…

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SRD Special Meeting 1000 am

4/30/2018 SRD Special Meeting – 10:00 am -Apparent focus was Public Records related and production of records for requesters. -Chairman Hoffmann stated: “Anything that has our lawyer on it is not eligible…

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4/29/18, 12:43 PM The Central Oregon Reporter received the attached email today from a Ranch Resident. Earlier this month I received the attached UNSIGNED LETTER. We strongly support ones right to be …

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