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Carol Orr’s Letter to CRR BOD

Carol Orr


From: Carol
Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2021 4:39 PM
To: carl.harbour@crookedriverranch.com; bill.burt@crookedriverranch.com; judy.gilliland@crookedriverranch.com; richard.ebers@crookedriverranch.com; mike.dries@crookedriverranch.com; monty.riddle@crookedriverranch.com; Stephanie.proffitt@crookedriverranch.com; jerry.cooper@crookedriverranch.com; Randy.peterson@crookedriverranch.com
Subject: Self awareness anyone??
We, the Residents are being spoken down to again.
See February 2021 Telegraph, page 2. “Some thoughts about our Crooked River Ranch Boards”
“Sadly, there are no facts behind comments, just opinions” like on social media, so says President Harbour. You, P. Harbour are, although you don’t say it, referring to Ranch Matters. Ranch Matters seem to be a thorn in the Boards side. And I am assuming all 9 members are in agreement. Why are you P. Harbour and the entire Board so defensive, so obsessed with Ranch Matters and what goes on there? And if Ranch Matters is so bad, then actually use the name, call it out for what it is?
Defensiveness is often your response to criticism. Defensiveness can be a projection of your behavior, or a sign of guilt. Mr. Carl and Board, your defensiveness has escalated into outright contempt. That is NOT good. Your defensiveness leads me to believe that you don’t really care. Your defensiveness just tells me that you are having difficulty taking responsibility for your actions/non actions. Being defensive puts the spotlight back on you, instead of keeping it on what really matters, the issues.
I suggest stop with the blame language, take responsibility for the situations. Or are there deeper issues at play here? What is the best way to learn and increase your self-awareness? Ask for criticism. Receiving it as a hostile attack results in no learning. Approach criticism with curiosity.
ALL OPINIONS MATTER. Most importantly, those opinions with which you disagree.
Also, I am surprised, (not really) that you and the Board know what Ranch Matters is posting. Since, you all say you never read Ranch Matters. Hmm.
Be curious about criticism, it will keep the Board growing. Don’t be dismissive. Trust me, I can speak from experience on you and Crooked River Ranch Boards dismissiveness. Become self aware.
Also, P. Harbour, you say that Ranch Matters posts are not “the complete facts’ and that some of us are too dumb to know the difference and that we might actually fall for some of this stuff? Have you ever listened to yourself? So what are you actually saying? They are untruths? Since you are all about spreading your opinions, I ask you to provide specifics with those allegations. Just because you say it is, doesn’t make it true. I am prepared to go fact to fact with you anytime. The truly sad issue here is that you P. Harbour can say anything you wish in the tightly controlled Telegraph, where no response is allowed. So I hope you feel good about yourself controlling the narrative once again, marginalizing and minimizing a group of Residents. And why, if you feel RM’s is just a small group, and not the majority’s opinions, feel the need to print your ¾ page rant in the Telegraph? Or maybe you feel that that residents are becoming more enlightened. How about if you and your Board allow the Residents to make up our own minds? Please start treating us like adults. Advice: Actions speak louder than your demeaning, dismissive commentary.
That concludes my “Some thoughts about our Crooked River Ranch Boards.”
P.S. Finding your quote, regarding your ‘actual experience how difficult it would be to have a corrupt Board’ interesting.
Carol Orr
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