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7/20/21, 1:50 PM


Last night (7/19/21), the Ranch Association held their Candidates Forum in the Juniper room. It was a packed house and the event was moderated by President Carl Harbour.

Harbour introduced the 5 candidates vying for 3 open Board positions, that included:

Mike Dries, Kelly Davis, Ara Erdekian, Julia Randall and Jeff Parcel.


Prior to the meeting, the candidates were provided the following 6 questions:

What do you personally like about Crooked River Ranch?

Are you willing, and have time, to learn about our “governing documents” and to serve in your assignments as needed?

How would you like to see the Ranch change in the next three years? Why would these changes be important for our property owners and employees?

What changes would you like to see made to the Board of Directors and why?

Here is a list of ten problems common to HOA’s in 2021. Which 2 are most important, in your mind, and how would you suggest the BOD address them?

*Maintaining Property Values

*Maintenance of Common Areas



*Violations of CC&R’s


*General complaints

*HOA property owner involvement

*Investments in Technology

*Changes in laws affecting HOA’s

What final thoughts would you like to share?

Click here for video snippets that include the introductions and each candidates answer to the first question:


*Video Snippet # 01: Introductions

*Video Snippet # 02: Candidate Mike Dries answers question 1

*Video Snippet # 03: Candidate Kelly Davis answers question 1

*Video Snippet # 04: Candidate Ara Erdekian answers question 1

*Video Snippet # 05: Candidate Julia Randall answers question 1

*Video Snippet # 06: Candidate Jeff Parcel answers question 1

After the above segment Harbour opened the Forum to public questions and comments that proved to be rather lively.


Ranch Director Richard Ebers called out candidate Parcel over some alleged “gripe” that was not specifically identified and referred to Parcel and others as “dissenters.” Parcel attempted to provide Ebers with some specifics, but Ebers said it wasn’t the right time. Director Ebers heated exchange also included Director Monty Riddle and Carol Orr, where Ebers yelled out to Ms. Orr,

“You don’t have a voice Carol”

and further screamed out,

“Sit down, I’ve got the floor.”

*CLICK HERE -Video Snippet # 07: Post-Meeting, Carol Orr interacting with Director Richard Ebers

*Video Snippet # 08: Post-Meeting, Brenda Stevens & Carol Orr interacting with Director Richard Ebers


Ranch resident Herb Parker stated, “Jeff Parcel, on social media you have made many numerous negative comments about the Board and their lack of business and budgetary. And now being that you’ve shown general distrust for all current and most past Board members, how effectively do you believe you’ll be able to work with the Board that you do not trust and believe are crooked?”

Parcel calmly responded, “I think I’ll be able to work as effectively as they will let me and if we don’t start now, when do we start?”


After the meeting several attendees, candidates and Ranch Directors interacted.


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