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3/8/22, 7:14 PM


“Crooked River Ranch has decided to withdraw their application…”

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora

At yesterday’s (3/7/22), Ranch Work Session Meeting, Ranch Manager Judy Lapora stated the Rodeo event was back on track after being placed on hold last week. She stated: “Bill (President Bill Burt) had me send an email on Friday (3/4/22) to Tanya and Scott removing it from hold status-moving forward…”

After Lapora’s above comment the Directors and others continued their discussion regarding proceeding with the Rodeo Event.

Today Ranch Matters (RM) was notified that Bill & Judy’s Rodeo was once again on HOLD. According to Jefferson County Community Development Director Scott Edelman, he spoke with Lapora earlier in the day about the application process, the timing, opposition and appeal process. She told him, once again, hold off on processing her permit application until she could consult with the Board.


This afternoon, about 4:00 PM, Lapora sent Director Edelman the following email: “Hi Scott and Tanya. Here is the verbiage approved by Carl Harbour: Crooked River Ranch has decided to withdraw their application for a Small Mass Gathering permit for the 2022 rodeo in the new proposed location. This decision was made due to the time requirements involved in the permitting process and new location development time constraints. The ‘Buckin’ in the Canyon’ rodeo will be held in the existing Crooked River Ranch arena on June 4th and 5th, 2022. Judy Lapora, Ranch Manager Crooked River Ranch C&MA.”

RM reached out to the Seely’s regarding the New Rodeo Arena Proposal’s cancellation. They stated: “We all need to remember to stand together as a community for the betterment of all the homeowners and not just a few. The homeowners should have a voice and the Directors need to understand the importance of governing openly and with transparency. Additionally, we believe that to avoid similar incidents the process behind this now defunct rodeo proposal should be investigated. Is it time for the Ranch Manager to resign or retire?

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