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BREAKING NEWS: Law Office Fire-UpDate


BREAKING NEWS-Updated: 3:45 PM

NOTE: The Indictment was sealed by the court on 2/25/21, due to it containing information involving an ongoing investigation…

The Warrant was executed on Patrick by a Wasco County peace officer on 3/1/21.


3/08/21, 12:04 PM



Law Office Fire-UpDate


Ranch Matters has published several stories regarding the May 25, 2019, arson fire that seriously damaged the law firm offices of Madras attorneys Glenn, Reeder & Gassner.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Berg


On May 28, 2020, we published a story titled: “Does the road LEAD to Antelope?”

  We reported following up on some leads in the Antelope area that included the execution of a sealed search warrant.

Last October we reported the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office convened a Grand Jury to investigate and subpoena witnesses to appear.

Today, Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins confirmed, Troy Ernest Patrick, of Antelope Oregon has been Indicted/Arrested on “2 counts of arson 1” for the law office fire. Patrick is currently being held at the Wasco County Jail in The Dalles with Bail set at $200K.

This is an on-going story.

Ranch Matters Staff

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