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11-1-20    9:00 AM



By Carol Orr

IN THE CROOKED RIVER RANCH TELEGRAPH October, 2020, Page 14 “Behind the Scenes”


In the words of the late great Ronald Reagan, “There you go again”, Mr. Bill. VP Board of Director, Bill Burt reportedly witnessed a tee shirt wearer “in the Commercial area of the Ranch” that read “I HATE MY HOA”, then Bill rambled on something about “their” dues.

Perhaps this egregious behavior should also be included in the Crime Watch Section as well. He is witnessing others on the Ranch who might need to be added to their “hitlist.” Mr. Bill, the list is bigger than you thought. How are you, Bill Burt, ever going to get this under control? I know, get a lawyer, at our expense, and get ’em for “hate Tee-Shirt Speech.  Right, your Board actually tried something similar, did that and lost. Oops. Perhaps you can call the Deputy and have the Tee Shirt abuser trespassed from the said “commercial area of the Ranch.” That you have done successfully, ask Stevens/ Stangland. Very petty I might add.

And now for the FAKE NEWS portion of Mr. Bill’s rant, titled, In the Shadows, sorry, “Behind the Scenes.” PANORAMA PARK

VP Bill failed to mention that this park hasn’t been touched in 10 years until a certain resident brought it to the Board’s attention and when that went nowhere, certain resident contacted the Jefferson Co. Commissioners. Reminder, the HOA gets our tax dollars. ROAD DEPT. I suggest that you stay away from that subject. Have you seen the roads. But thanks for the weather and deer update

. Mr. Bill concludes with a warm welcoming invite to Ranch Residents that in attending their meetings, “you to could be “Hated”. Now that is one tempting invite. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear I was reading the Babylon Bee, but then again, Mr. Bill would need a sense of humor, satirically speaking.

SERIOUSLY, why do these Board members become so defensive and outraged at one person’s tee shirt. I can see it now, we the Board are going to add offensive Tee shirts to the flag flying rules.

And since the Board controls the NARRATIVE (as regular residents cannot submit opinions or rebutts) all I can say is thank you Ranch Matters for an outlet, otherwise my head would explode. IF ANYONE SHOULD HAPPEN UPON TEE SHIRT GUY APPROACH WITH CAUTION…..OR BETTER YET GIVE HIM A BIG HIGH FIVE.