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4/01/19, 2:35 PM


Meeting started at 10:00 and ended at 11:31 AM.

Ranch President Carl Harbour facilitated the meeting and followed the AGENDA


During PUBLIC INPUT, Ranch residents Fran Davis discussed Birding Events and John Meredith provided a status report on the Veterans & First Responders Memorial.

Ranch Fire Chief Harry Ward discussed Emergency Alerts, Reverse 911 System and the CERT Team.



FY 2020 Budget discussed prior to officially adopting the Budget, scheduled for April 15, 2019.

Ranch resident, Budget Committee Member and retired CPA, Karen Bennett addressed some details reported in the Budget SUMMARY.

Director Stephanie Proffitt brought to the BOD’s attention former Director Carol Orr’s concerns regarding Dues. Ms. Proffitt stated she would support a special committee specifically to look at Dues and reasons for increases.
President Harbour seemed uninterested in this concept and stated several reasons for not endorsing the special committee idea. Ms. Proffitt said she would investigate the matter and report back to the BOD.

Hot Topic-CONTAINER Issues.

There will be a Jefferson County Planning Commission Meeting on April 4, 2019, at 6:00 PM, that will include the container issue.

President Harbour asked each board member for their input.

The following Directors are opposed to Containers:

Mark Schneider, Stu Steinberg, Stephanie Proffitt, Marie Carter and Mike Folkestad.
Directors Sue Flory and Judy Gilliland are not opposed necessarily, however, with conditions yet to be determined.
President Harbour stated he was originally in favor, but now is leaning against.

Stu Steinberg provided some history, saying, containers were being used for storing “garbage…”

Meeting adjourned to Executive Session to discuss one contract issue.

Ranch Matters Staff

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