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1/07/19, 1:50 PM

Meeting started at 10:04 AM and ended at 11:34 AM.

Director Judy Gilliland conducted today’s meeting, President Carl Harbour was connected via telephone and VP Stu Steinberg was absent-All Other Directors Present.

Ms. Gilliland followed the AGENDA


Placement and Number of SIGNS at Ranch entrance

Fire Abatement Plans presented by Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Swigart

HR 2075 Update provided by Director Mike Folkestad. According to Folkestad the Bill “looks dead”

Lively discussion regarding the Volunteer Service Applicants, in particular, former President David Palmer

Ranch resident Carol Orr talked about the Pickleball Court on the Ranch and ways to create revenue through sponsorships


Ranch Manager Judy Lapora confirmed the Tennis Court was padlocked by the maintenance department for the season

Special Road District (SRD) Commissioner John Williams explained why the TIME of the last SRD meeting unexpectedly changed. Williams stated the TIME had been changed by SRD Chairman Rich Hoffmann and there were no objections.

Audience members challenged Williams statement, as well as cited Public Meetings Law violations and Conflicts.

Ms. Gilliland confirmed there will not be a REGULAR BOD Evening Meeting this month.

Further details may be obtained via the Work Session AUDIO when posted on Ranch website

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