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10/01/18, 6:49 PM

Meeting started at 10:00 AM and ended at approximately 11:40 AM.

All Directors present, VP Stu Steinberg via telephone.

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston in attendance.

President Carl Harbour followed the AGENDA

Some Highlights:

Bocci Ball Court Update-Pad is complete, fill dirt has been added and Project is stalled until Spring.

Other items discussed included Horny Hollow, Steel Stampede Track, Road Primer Update, Purple Heart Community, Changes to the Policy & Procedure Handbook along with Strategies/Action Plans to strengthen Relationship with Jefferson County.


Former Director Carol Orr questioned VP Stu Steinberg regarding his First Amendment statement at last meeting.

Steinberg confirmed

“he stands by what he said…”

Resident Dave Stangland asked the Directors if they could identify themselves when speaking to better serve the listening audience.


Ranch Matters Staff

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