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5/05/20, 5:27 PM


Today we learned that there will most likely be more delays. Why?

According to Ranch Maintenance employee, Marc, he is the only maintenance man left on staff.

Steve Swigart, the Ranch Maintenance Supervisor was let go sometime last week and no longer works for the Ranch.

Also, there have been multiple construction related “change of plans” creating further problems for the maintenance staff.

Harold, a former “seasonal maintenance” employee,

Added, the Ranch keeps the maintenance staff busy working many other projects throughout the Ranch, including fence repairs on the Quail/Emergency Exit that has yet to be annexed into the Ranch inventory.

Harold was graciously helping Marc today on the Court as a volunteer. The Ranch has not re-instated Harold.

Later, we contacted Swigart and he confirmed he’s no longer employed at the Ranch and further stated, he was let go, in part, over the Bocce Ball fiasco/timing issues. Swigart added, “Bocce Ball was delayed numerous times…” and he was “shocked” to learn that the Ranch was apparently unhappy with his performance.

Timing is everything and now, during this Coronavirus Pandemic, the Ranch has the time and money to spend hiring an expensive Golf Pro, while apparently neglecting the Ranch Maintenance Department.


In June of 2017, the Ranch Board approved spending $8,000.00 for the construction of the BOCCE BALL COURT from Steel Stampeded Funds.

Where’s the 8K and why wasn’t the BOCCE BALL COURT sent out for bids?

How much has been spent so far and why is the Ranch Maintenance Staff responsible for the project?

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