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2/26/18, 10:23 AM


We can thank Ranch Director Mark Schneider for clarifying some unresolved questions regarding the Emergency Exit Road Process. Director Schneider solved the mystery behind how the Ranch Association Members will be stuck paying for all of the Add-On Items/Bells & Whistles for the Road. Schneider used the CRR CHAT GROUP as his platform of choice to explain it was “We” that asked for all of the goodies. Schneider stated: “BLM IS DOING WHAT WE ASKED THEM TO DO…”
Who is “WE” and is Director Schneider confessing that our HOA BOARD is behind all the Road Extras?
 Director Mark Schneider’s Post Below.

Interestingly, Director Schneider is pushing the Safety narrative for the Ranch Residents. He said: “it is all about Safety for all the people that live here.” Really?
Has Director Schneider reviewed the OREGON TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE BANK APPLICATION submitted to finance this Project? According to the PROJECT JUSTIFICATION SECTION, the Number One (1) Priority is not about Safety or Evacuating CRR Residents, it’s about improving “access for hikers and recreationists…”

Do our Ranch Directors know what they are talking about? Are they doing any due diligence or simply going along for the ride?

Director Mark Schneider

Ranch Matters Staff

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