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6-4-21   4:08 PM


“At No Time Did I Ever Say Because You Didn’t Fucking Ask Permission” CRR Golf Course Superintendent Richard Jensen


*The following story, BLATANTLY LIE, is based in part, on Complaints/Records obtained from the Oregon Department of Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) pursuant to an ORDER issued by the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ’s ORDER was regarding 3 complaints submitted in 2020 against John Stevens’ private investigators license and Ranch Matters News service that were submitted by Crooked River Ranch (CRR) Director Mark Schneider and other Ranch Association Officials.

DPSST dismissed ALL 3 complaints as “FALSE/UNFOUNDED.”

As stated above Ranch Matters recently obtained from DPSST copies of the 3 complaints that included an “ADDENDUM” to the complaint dated March 8, 2020, filed by Director Mark Schneider. The ADDENDUM relates to Ranch Matters News Service being TRESPASSED (Falsely) from the Ranch Golf Course by Ranch Golf Course Superintendent Richard Jensen on April 20, 2020, while covering a vandalism story.

The ADDENDUM included a Cover Letter dated April 24, 2020.

  The ADDENDUM  also included 2 emails, one written by Superintendent Richard Jensen, dated April 22, 2020 and the second (CONFIDENTIAL) email authored by CRR Manager Judy Lapora, dated April 23, 2020.





Jensen’s email was addressed to Manager Lapora and CRR President Carl Harbour where Jensen attempted to explain away his explosive outburst on the 5th Hole and why Ranch Matters-Dave Stangland/John Stevens were reported to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and “PERMANENTLY” trespassed from the golf course.

Jensen said, “AT NO TIME DID I EVER SAY BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T FUCKING ASK” while confronting Stevens at the 5th Hole. Jensen also denied saying, “YOU CAN CROSS RIGHT HERE, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T GET HIT BY THESE FUCKING GOLFERS.”



(Total Time Of This Contact/RAW FOOTAGE 2:15 Seconds)

We’ve posted several related stories regarding the April 20, 2020, golf course incident and for those interested please see: “YOU DIDN’T FUCKING ASK” dated April 20, 2020; “FIRED UP” dated April 21, 2020; “ABUSE OF POWER” dated November 17, 2020; “ALL OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE” dated November 24, 2020; “LIE-ABILITY” dated December 21, 2020 and “TEMPER TANTRUM” dated April 20, 2021.

Jensen’s email is a long-drawn-out alibi where he attempts to excuse his outrageous behavior. His email report is riddled with misinformation and out right lies along with his denials. He ends his report by saying, “…they have no excuse for their behavior.”


Lapora’s April 23, 2020, email mentioned above was forwarded to Ranch Director/Treasurer/ Golf Course Liaison, Jerry Cooper, Directors, Mark Schneider and Stephanie Proffitt along with Jensen’s email.

Lapora’s email incorporated interesting comments that are worthy of some scrutiny. She refers to the trespass matter as an “unfortunate incident” and deflects all Ranch responsibility. She further stated, “They have posted on Ranch Matters about this and as usual, the post was worded to omit any culpability on their part and make Richard and the Association look bad.”

Ranch Matters reports regarding this incident are accurate, honest and well documented. If anyone makes the Ranch Association look bad, it’s Richard Jensen, Judy Lapora and the Ranch Board of Directors.

Manager Lapora’s email additionally clarified that the Ranch staff doesn’t work for the homeowners/members. She stated, “One, none of the staff ‘work for them’ or any other Association member. We are employed by the Association and the oversight of the Association is the Board. I (Lapora) directly report to Carl (President Carl Harbour) and the rest of the staff report to me through their supervisors.”

Manager Lapora explanation regarding the chain of command tends to marry her personally to Jensen’s dangerous actions and false reports submitted to DPSST. Does the Ranch Manager have a duty to keep the Board properly informed and current on any issue related to governmental organizations-DPSST?

According to CRR’s Policy & Procedure Handbook the answer is YES. Section 7.6 of the Handbook addresses State and Federal Agencies. It states, “Any official communication with various state and federal agencies will be conducted through the Administration or an assigned Board member. The Ranch Manager will keep the Board current on any issues related to these government organizations…”

Interestingly, the Policy Handbook also addresses Ranch Committee Members responsibilities involving confidential and sensitive information. According to Policy, “Every committee member is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of sensitive or personal information gained due to his or her membership on a committee. This may include information about other Association members, members of the Board, staff or other confidential information gained as a committee member and must be held in the strictest confidence. Failure to do so may result in removal from the committee by action of the committee or the Board.”

Director Mark Schneider’s (“False”) complaint to DPSST contains confidential and sensitive information related to many Association Members. He also serves as the current Chairman of the CC&R Committee.

Lapora’s email went on pontificating about who owns community property and members privileges, including the use or access to the golf course. She stresses the golf course is “off limits” to anyone not playing golf. However, the walking path has and is routinely used by walkers and even the beverage cart girls traverse the Course daily selling their food and alcohol products safely.

Lapora signs off saying, “If someone is caught, they are asked to leave the course. We have never before had someone BLATANTLY DEFY that request.”



On April 16, 2020, 4 days before this “unfortunate incident” Ranch Matters contacted Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins and confirmed that a vandalism report had been filed and he provided us with the case number, 200267.

Later that same day we spoke with an employee at the Golf Pro Shop about the vandalism and he suggested we contact Ranch Manger Judy Lapora or a Groundskeeper for more information.

We attempted to contact Lapora, but she had the day off and we left a detailed message with the Ranch receptionist regarding our request. Lapora never returned our phone call.

Friday, April 17, 2020, we drove to the Sheriff’s Office and picked up a copy of the police report.

Our interest focused on the actual loss amount involved and the location of the incident for our story. Not everybody golfs and understanding where and how the vandalism occurred seemed like an appropriate aspect for our story.

April 20, 2020, day of the incident, we drove to the Ranch Groundskeepers Shop and asked for Jensen. “Dale” one of the Groundskeepers stated, Jensen was not available.

We identified ourselves as reporters and handed Dale business cards and explained our purpose. Dale provided specific directions and offered us a golf cart while pointing out how to navigate the Course to the 5th Hole.

While taking photographs around the 5th Hole, the above described Jensen event took place. When Jensen demanded we leave we complied and did not “BLATANTLY DEFY” Jensen as reported by Manager Lapora.



Ranch Matters Staff

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