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6/2/22, 3:03 PM

Bill & Judy’s RODEO SURVEY


On May 31st, Ranch Matters (RM) posted a report regarding Bill & Judy’s Rodeo Survey Deadline and a reminder from Ranch resident Kevin Fiet.

Mr. Fiet wanted to remind us that at the April 18, Regular (zoom) Board Meeting, he questioned President Bill Burt about concerns associated with the rodeo arena project and the trustworthiness of Ranch manager Judy Lapora’s involvement in the survey and tabulation process.

Burt responded, “You want to be down there? You’re more than welcomed to come down and watch.” “We’ll make you the designated person-to come down and help count the votes.”

Fiet stated that as of the 31st, he hadn’t heard from Burt.


Today, Fiet received an email from Judy’s assistant, Kara Burkhart inviting him to “observe” not help count the votes tomorrow.

Kara’s email stated, “Hi Kevin, You are invited to observe the counting of the rodeo survey on Friday, June 3, 2022 at 1:30pm in the Juniper Room. This is not open to the public. Please Let me know if you will be able to attend. Thank you.”

Mr. Fiet provided RM with short video interview where he responded not only to Kara, but also the Board of Directors and Manager Lapora.

Fiet stressed the importance of honest transparency and keeping the Ranch Homeowners informed. He stated,

“Transparency strengthens ones position-something that seems to be sorely missing among the Ranch Association leadership.”

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