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BOD Work Session 8-6-18


Here are some highlights….

All Board members were present and accounted for. Also in attendance was Zach Harmon, CPA from Capstone Certified Public Accountants, LLC., to present on the CRR financial audit draft report. Attorney Kevin Harker, Commissioner Mae Huston and and a small number of other audience members were also present.

Board member Keyston reported on The Ad-Hoc Community Planning Committee. It seems that after discussion with legal counsel, the Board felt it necessary to formally disband the committee, which they did today.

Regarding Steel Stampede funds, Ranch Manager Lapora reported that shipping for the bleachers had gone up considerably. It was her recommendation to purchase benches of 24 feet rather than 27 feet, reducing shipping costs. The total cost to date is $7,341.00.

Manager Lapora also reported that the Bocce ball work would “probably be starting this week.”

President Palmer reported that he received an email on Friday informing him that the Alternate Exit construction would begin either today or tomorrow with an expected completion time of “end of the month or early October.” (I’m not sure what happened to September.)

Palmer also announced that there will be a ground-breaking ceremony held tomorrow at 1:30 at the end of Quail for anyone who can “make it and celebrate with us.”

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:05 AM to Executive Session to discuss legal and employee issues.

For complete audio of the work session please go to the CRR website.

Stephanie Stevens


Ranch Matters Staff

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