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10/22/21, 2:42 PM


“A sociopath is a term used to describe someone who has antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). People (Boards) with ASPD can’t understand other feelings. They’ll often break rules or make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause.”

According to Ranch resident Carol Orr, the Crooked River Ranch Board’s behavior as whole, suggest to her, that the Board is suffering from ASPD.

Ms. Orr professional background-educational and experience, focused on mental health issues. She knows the difference between sociopathic and other personality disorders, that many times includes “GROUP THINK.”

After last Monday night’s (10/18/21), Board Meeting, Ms. Orr emailed several of the Ranch Directors including Director/CC&R Liaison, Richard Ebers regarding Director Ara Erdekian’s questions relevant to the “LET IT BURN” comments made by CC&R Committee Member Jim Stagl on social media.

To her surprise, Director Eber’s responded.

However, she wasn’t surprised by what he had to say.


Carol, “I won’t speak to the appropriateness or alleged insensitivities of Stagl’s comments, but, again, anyone familiar with the CC&R’s driving past that property knew it was in violation. Also, the only confidence is the party reports a violation, not the violator. There was no disclosure in Stagl’s comments. The Board feels only a violation of confidentiality would merit his (Stagl) removal, and none of us feel there was one. The Committee (CC&R) itself voted to decline his offer to resign.”


Director Richard Ebers (L)  James  Stagl (R)

“I completely understand your disagreement and dissatisfaction with this reply, but I don’t expect any further discussion of the matter among Ranch administration. I hope you’ll let it go and won’t be bring it up two years from now (hit list?).”

(Richard Ebers)

Ms. Orr reminded Ranch Matters that Ebers tends to shoot from the hip and from time to time makes explosive remarks. For example, at the July 19 Candidates Forum, Ebers yelled out to Ms. Orr, “You don’t have a voice Carol” and further SCREAMED OUT, “Sit down, I’ve got the floor.”

Carol Orr (L)  Director Richard Ebers (R)

Ebers refers to some members concerns as “gripes” and calls them “dissenters” just for asking questions.

Interestingly, Director Ebers BIO on the Ranch website states in part, “…I was very successful adapting my personality and my approach to build solid working relationships with people. I think this skill would be valuable in representing the diverse CRR community…” “I will endeavor to represent the entire community and to consider the full impact of POLICIES (emphasis added) and budgets adopted by the Board and Ranch management.”

As reported, the Ranch Directors have not only condoned Jim Stagl’s conduct, but unbelievably declined Stagl’s resignation.

Like the ASPD definition states above, ASPD people can’t understand other feelings and Orr added, “They don’t want to understand other feelings while breaking their own rules.”

Ranch Matters Staff

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