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2/26/21     3:15 PM


On February 2, 2021, Alejandro Mayorkas was officially sworn in as Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS).

One of his first priorities addressed threat-assessment and threat-management programs regarding domestic terror.


Yesterday, the Washington Post published an “Opinion by Alejandro N. Mayorkas” that sheds some light on His/DHS’s possible targets.

Mayorkas uses the January 6 event at the U.S. Capital as his call to action and triggered the release of “1 billon in homeland security grants to eligible state, local, territorial and tribal partners…”

On January 31, 2021, we posted a story titled, SILENT (SP) EYES OF SALEM

Where we asked, does the State of Oregon conduct formalized intelligence activities on its citizens? We also introduced the Oregon TITAN FUSION CENTER (OTFC) based out of Salem as Oregon’s own particular intelligence center.

According to Titan’s website, “Data fusion involves the exchange of information from different sources-including law enforcement, public safety, health care and the private sector…” It goes on to explain that DHS and the FBI began deploying personnel to work within the fusion centers in 2006.

Titan’s website includes a “TIP or LEAD” Form that requires the tipster to provide their name along with a description of their information.

Our story covered public oversight concerns and the potential for the abuse of citizens personal information and Civil Rights.

Since the January 6th event at the Capital along with the inauguration on January 20th, news reports have been replete with Warnings and Bulletins specifically related to Trump supporters as “domestic terrorist.”

The current Washington elites have gone out of their way to demonize and criminalize anyone that opposes their agenda. Free speech and expression be dammed in the name of the elites idea of National Security.


Three times Mayorkas referenced the January 6th event as his primary motivation for increasing DHS’s surveillance role of certain American citizens. He describes them as “radicalized” by the spread of false narratives associated with the 6th. He stated, “These individuals and groups have largely been radicalized by the spread of false narratives, extremist rhetoric and conspiracy theories…”

Mayorkas continues, DHS will be “refocusing the department to address the evolving threat environment” and again, associates said refocusing with the January 6 event. Part of his refocusing plan includes “reviewing suspicious-activity reporting and travel pattern analyses…” (FUSION CENTERS?)

Mayorkas added, “Americans have witnessed the cost of allowing politics to pervade intelligence”


He goes on to explain “DHS has increased the development, production, and sharing of intelligence and other information central to counter domestic violent extremism.” “We have done so in PARTNERSHIP WITH STATE (Fusion Centers), local, tribal and territorial officials; law enforcement, the private sector (BIG TECH) and international allies.”

Mayorkas attributes the so-called increase in domestic attacks to “white-supremacists, anti- government and anti-authority extremists” while neglecting to specifically mention months of nightly riots, looting and arson by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM).

According to Mayorkas, the First Amendment or free speech is another area that needs monitored because it could be utilized by some of the extremists as a “disguise” or a cover for inciting violence.


Ranch Matters understand the need for active intelligence involving real threats against the public and law enforcements role ensuring the public is safe. However, safeguards need to be in place for the protection of everyone’s Civil Rights, not just a few.

Ranch Matters Staff

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