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Another nextdoor private message from Director Ebers.


Another nextdoor private message from Director Ebers.

by Rebecca Anne

He refuses to be transparent as he won’t respond publicly on nextdoor where we know he has an active account. Reading his messages, it doesn’t look like he intends to. He also knows I’ll post my responses to him and his messages publicly, so it seems to me he must like attention both good and bad.

Director Ebers,

It looks like you sent yet another private message to me knowing I’ll reply publicly (in order to maintain complete transparency). I’ve told you that in my previous message. You continue to message me. The latest message being May 3rd around 9:30pm I believe. You continue to mention not having a fb account but are thinking about opening one. Followed by not wanting to go public. You’re speaking to me as a Director yet continue to message me privately knowing I want you to be transparent and message me publicly. My last response to your two emails were on fb only and not on Nextdoor as I believe the previous was deleted. You obviously have fb or regular access in order to see all I and others post as you keep mentioning it in your messages. This private message is repulsive and very passive aggressive in my opinion (poorly as I caught on the second I read it). This is all my opinion based on your behavior. Based on all I’ve read, watched, heard (audio), witnessed and experienced.

You are your worst enemy. You are responsible for your behavior and the response you give to others. You say you were characterized as being dishonest and lacking integrity before becoming a Director. You proved them right as you seem to with others, including myself. I have gone back years to see this behavior from you and some others on the board.

All that I have seen and heard from you and continue to see and hear is what I’ve tried to see as comical and pathetic but honestly it is sad. I’m not sure what is going on in your life but I will pray as whatever it is, it should never be bad enough to want to tear others down. To want to hurt others (name calling and verbally attacking).You are mean, cruel and angry. I’ve watched it. From all I’ve seen, you owe Ms.Orr, Mr.Parcel, Ranch Matters and this community an apology. You, sir, are a Director. You are in that position to support and represent ALL HOMEOWNERS and not only those you like. You need to keep yourself in check or step down. Have you ever had a job? I’m not sure how long it has been but I do know I would not have a job with your way of thinking and behaving. My grandfather, who was an amazing man and an amazing business man always said to treat every customer with respect no matter how they treat you. From what I’ve seen from you, you have no one to blame but yourself as far as how you claim you are treated.

Do you not read what you write? You lied again. You told me in your previous emails that RM has false/misleading information. Now they just take things out of context? Has that statement changed due to your lack of proof? Have you seen the videos you are in? There is no twisting your behavior when backed up with proof. Have you seen the latest video of yourself acting foolishly? There is no implying anything in that. That was you. Clear as day. Telling anyone that behavior is ok because you are too old to deal with this bs isn’t going to make it ok. It will call homeowners to demand your stepping down and/or demand the board to remove you as that behavior and way of thinking is not acceptable in any way! You should not be in that position with your behavior and way of thinking.Your fellow board members are also required to hold you accountable!

You are reacting on emotion from situations I feel you seem to bring on yourself. Do you not listen to all you say?

You continue to bad mouth RM…I do laugh at that. You still cannot back up what you say with proof. You only back it up with hearsay and emotion. Director Ebers, the truth hurts. You need to come to terms with that. I’ve had to a time or two in my life. We all have or will. Accept the truth. You are the only one to control your behavior. You are the only one who can control how you choose to respond to others. Do what you want as a homeowner. Do what you are required to do and should have been doing as a Director in this HOA.

I’m pretty confident in telling you I know the answer as to why no one wants to meet/speak with you one on one. FULL TRANSPARENCY! How do we get that when board members and ranch officials want to meet and/or speak privately? I believe everything we (some homeowners and myself) are unhappy with when it comes to you, is you, BUT YOU as a Director (at least that is what it is for me). It isn’t because of who you are as a neighbor. It is how you conduct yourself as a Director. You say you want to meet with me as a homeowner only. If the problem is with you as a Director, why would I or anyone else meet with you as anything else? That makes zero sense.

I can only form an opinion of you or anyone else by what I experience, hear, read and watch myself. You don’t leave much to the imagination. With what I’ve seen and heard, you are an angry man. To speak to anyone the way you do to others and as a Director, who is to do the exact opposite, is absolutely shameful.

Your statement about my health… Again, I feel I’ve come to know you and your way with words to know when you’re being passive aggressive. I do feel your comment about my health was a dig and one poorly disguised as concern. I can read right through that.

I believe the difference between you and I is that when I got diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer, I chose to spend my time left with my loved ones and show them you can be very very sick and still stand up for what is right. That I can spend time with my loved ones and show them not to give up on doing what is right. That we are stronger than we think we are. That I am stronger than I thought I was and that I am stronger than you think I am!

So Director Ebers, I’m not going anywhere until God calls me home. The nastier you get, the stronger I become. So until then, take ownership of your behavior. It is YOUR BEHAVIOR AND YOUR WORDS that formed my opinion of you and of you as a Director. I know it has for many others and I imagine many many more.

It is only you who can change those opinions.

Act right! Be better!

Step down!

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