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The Annexation Process of the Emergency/Quail Exit is still stalled and there appears to be three versions circulating. The CRR Special Road District (SRD) Commissioners have their version of events and admitted they haven’t even started the required Petition Application and are hunting for an attorney.

Ranch President, Carl Harbour has his version,

Chris Doty, Deschutes County Road Supervisor, has his version,


Ranch Matters reported several months ago, Chris Doty has provided the SRD Commissioners a detailed explanation and instructions regarding the Petition/Annexation Process. However, the SRD Commissioners would have you believe they cannot proceed without an attorney, yet documentation, attached below, confirms they have retained and paid Madras attorney Tim Gassner.

At CRR’s HOA Board Meeting on 5/21/19, former Ranch Director Carol Orr asked the Board to provide a status report regarding the Emergency/Quail Exit and Annexation Process. President Harbour replied, he had all of the answers to Ms. Orr’s questions, but did not want to discuss it during the meeting and added, his answers to her questions will be printed in the June issue of the Telegraph.

In the June edition of the Telegraph, Harbour states the following, “The process is being worked.” Further, he says, “…Deschutes County will release the the road to the Special Road District’s inventory” after certain conditions have been met.

Interestingly, Harbour skips over the required Petition Process and implies the road will simply be released to the SRD’s inventory without further ado.

On 5/31/19, Ranch Matters emailed Chris Doty and asked him the following: “The CRR/SRD is still looking for an attorney to help with the Petition and the Ranch President, Carl Harbour, is reporting, Deschutes County will be releasing the road to the SRD’s inventory without mentioning anything about the Petition Process.” Doty replied, “I have not heard from Carl.” He added, “The County is awaiting the petition from the District” and annexation is not tied to the completion of the project.


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