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AIR SHOW OF THE CASCADES kicked off today at 2:00 PM

8/24/18, 6:17 PM 

Lots to see and hear vendors live music classic cars and as always great airplanes




Interesting interview with Captain Bill Collier, former Air America pilot from 1970-1972, who flew from a secret CIA BASE in Laos.

He called his Air America Assignment the “2nd War” explaining how he flew out of Long Tieng supporting the Laotian Army.

I asked Bill how he got recruited by the CIA-Submit an application or resume? Bill said he received a Telegram asking him if he would like to fly helicopters in SE Asia.

Bill has written a book about his exploits titled, “CIA PILOT SPILLS THE BEANS.” Copies on sale at the Air Show. Bill’s brief Video On Second Air Show Post.


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