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AFTERMATH-Law Office Fire

5/29/19, 2:26 PM


Today’s edition of the Madras Pioneer is reporting last Saturday’s (5/25/19), fire at the law offices of Madras attorneys Glenn, Reeder & Gassner, LLP, as “suspicious.”

According to their story, “The fire department is investigating the cause of the fire. It is a suspicious fire and under investigation.” Law enforcement is now involved along with the fire department.

Fire investigators typically look for 3 common motives when investigating suspicious fires: insurance fraud, revenge and concealment. There may be other motives, but the above are the most likely.

The Pioneer story also obtained a quote from managing partner Timothy Gassner regarding the status of the law offices records. Attorney Gassner stated, “…we were able to get some computers out and preserve some of our important electronic records-the server and accounting computers.”

The law offices have relocated their operation down the road on 4th St.

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