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11/17/19, 2:30 PM


School Bus Conversion Plan-Update

As reported on 11/13/19, Onya Remer submitted some complaints against Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora and requested an investigation.

Two days later, 11/15/19, Onya submitted another complaint with the Ranch Administration and this time, against the Ranch President, Carl Harbour.

“DETAILS OF COMPLAINT” list in part, “Violations of CC&R’S-Harbour” along with other citations relevant to Ranch Bylaws and the Policies & Procedures Manual.


According to the Remer’s, they believe Harbour, at a minimum, violated on multiple occasions the CC&R’S, which created “unwarranted county violations” and interfered in their well established business.

The Remer’s believe these perceived “wrongdoings” need investigated along with the earlier complaints and this matter “be resolved as soon as possible” and someone held “accountable.”

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