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According to court documents Curtis Lamars Binion was arrested on 10 04 18 by the MADRAS POLICE DEPARTMENT

UPDATE: 10/10/18, 4:34 PM


Mr. Binion’s new sentencing date:

10/24/18, at 9:45 AM and he is out of custody pursuant to the term of his CONDITIONAL RELEASE AGREEMENT dated 10/04/18.

10/02/18, 4:26 PM


State vs Curtis Lamars Binion
C#: 17CR 31911

Attended today’s scheduled sentencing and everybody was present with the exception of the defendant,

Curtis L. Binion-NO SHOW!


Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Annette Hillman revoked Binion’s release agreement and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Defense attorney Jason P. Munn asked for more time, but Judge denied his request.

Cate Duke, State Coordinator for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) drove over from Eugene to support the victims and stated,

“On behalf of Michelle I’m very angry.”



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