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On September 28, 2018, Ranch Manager Judy Lapora sent out an email via the CRR Phase Reps regarding the theft of Political Signs.

The message informed residents that political signs placed on private property were being

“Stolen and/or destroyed.”

Going on, Lapora reminded everyone that “doing so is against the law.” Adding, “Please be respectful of your neighborʼs first amendment rights.”



Rewind, in August of 2016

We along with the Jefferson County Sheriffʼs Office were investigating the theft of our own political signs opposing Measure # 2. (NO on 2). Through these efforts, it was discovered that the Ranch was in possession of our political signs and concealed/trashed them in the Boneyard.

On August 25, we learned that our political signs were in fact removed and tossed in the Boneyard by the CRR Road Department, as directed by Ranch Manager Lapora.

According to one of the reports by the Jefferson County Sheriffʼs Office, a “Ton of signs” taken, yet only a few returned.

As we attempted to retrieve our stolen signs from the Boneyard, we were met with threats of arrest by former BOD President, David Palmer.

Interestingly, in November of 2016, while the case was “under review” with the District Attorneyʼs office, CRR former Vice President/Director John Smallwood asked, “Can we just give them back?”

As Lapora stated in her Phase Rep message, the theft of political signs is “against the law.”

Is the Ranch above the law?

Ranch Matters Staff

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