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8/7/18, 12:50 PM

Association RESIDENT Richard Ewing recently consulted a corporate attorney regarding Numa Ventures, Limited Partnership, a Wyoming limited partnership operated by David Keyston, General Partner.

Researching Jefferson County records reflects a STATUTORY WARRANTY DEED in the name of Numa Ventures, LP doing business using a Crooked River Ranch Address for taxing documents and signed by David Keyston, General Partner.

According to Mr. Ewing’s attorney, an unregistered foreign Entity-Numa Ventures, LP “has no legal standing” within the State of Oregon. He added, Numa Ventures “cannot sue, but can be sued.”

In an undated letter written by Ranch President David Palmer last March, Palmer stated in part: “…Keyston is entitled to serve on the Board.” Palmer further quotes from ORS 94.639 (b) describing the type of businesses that can conduct business in Oregon.

Why and how can Palmer confer rights to David and Cheryl Keyston when Numa Ventures has no legal standing in Oregon?

Does David Keyston have the authority to serve on the Ranch Board?

Do the Ranch Directors have a duty to confirm if David Keyston can sit on the Board?

Ranch Matters Staff

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