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2/19/19, 12:49 PM


Today, Shantel Witt, learned her fate before Deschutes County Circuit Court Judge Michael Adler in a packed courtroom.

Before Judge Adler imposed his sentence he made a few comments regarding Ms. Witt’s behavior.
He stated, that in all of his years as a judge, he has never seen such “outrageous and reckless” conduct on the part of a defendant. The judge continued and said, Ms. Witt was driving a “6,000 POUND WEAPON at 65 MPH drugged up.”

Ms. Witt was given a total of 146 months for all 6 counts.

While the sentence was read aloud, Ms. Witt stood motionless, shackled, wearing her jail garb and made no comments.

There will be a Restitution Hearing on March 18, 2019, at 1:30 PM.

Ranch Matters Staff

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