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2023 WRAP UP

01/01/2024, 5:31 PM

2023 WRAP UP

Almost seven years ago Ranch Matters (RM) developed it’s own individualistic journalistic style that has drawn both praise and criticism. Our investigative reports and information have been utilized by local and national news organizations.

Throughout the years RM has stayed the course and uncovered some interesting facts and events that many would have preferred to be hidden.

In 2023 alone, we’ve published approximately 240 stories and have had thousands of visitors worldwide reading/educating themselves on our news website.

Looking back, we’ve covered a lot of special reports that impacted the Ranch residents and the larger community as a whole.

The following is just a handful of stories we investigated and reported:


“DOES IT REALLY MATTER ANYMORE WHAT FLAG YOU FLY?”, published 12/20/23; “SEE WHAT HAPPENS”, published 12/15/23; “CROSS WALK-PART 2”, published 12/02/23; “IS THE PEN MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD?”, published 11/22/23; “PRO 5 ON PARADE”, published 11/14/23; “COMMISSION COMPETITION”, published 11/06/23; “SOME PEOPLE”, published 11/02/23; “WHO’S THE NUT CASE?”, published 10/23/23; “HIDE & SNEAK”, published 10/22/23;

“GANG REPORT”, published 10/20/23; “WHATEVER FLAG”, published 10/18/23; “UPDATE-WAR AGAINST GOD?”, published 10/11/23; “BLACK MARK”, published 10/06/23; “FUNNY BUSINESS?”, published 9/29/23; “I’M FROM THE GOVERNMENT, & I’M HERE TO HELP”, published 9/28/23; “REVOLUTIONARY STRIKES IT RICK”, published 9/26/23; “SLAPPED”, published 9/22/23; “UPDATE-LIEN REMOVED-FINE RESCINDED”, published 9/15/23; “THREESOME”, published 9/14/23; “SUSPENDED”, published 8/18/23; “CEASE & DESIST”, published 8/14/23; “PREACHER”, published 7/22/23; “TEAM PLAYER OR GROUP THINK?”, published 7/19/23;

“ANOTHER ONE JUMPS SHIP”, published 7/11/23; “UN- EVENT-FUL”, published 7/6/23; “IRONY ON PARADE”, published 7/4/23; “STAGLIZED”, published 6/28/23; “HOME ON THE RANGE”, published 6/26/23; “WEAPONIZED LAW”, published 6/25/23; “BAD REP”, published 6/23/23; “FIET FIRST-ENTERING THE LIARS ‘DEN”, published 5/24/23; “MUTILATION FIXATION”, published 5/19/23; “CRR/LGOP (WANNABE) INVESTIGATOR”, published 5/10/23; “PUT UP OR SHUT UP?”, published 5/5/23; “TRUTH DECAY”, published 4/25/23; “WATER WAR”, published 4/20/23; “FACING CONSEQUENCES”, published 4/5/23; “HEARSAY TAKEN AS TRUTH”, published 3/27/23; “WHEN HOA & LGOP INTERSECT”, published 3/23/23;

“RUBBER STAMPED”, published 3/15/23; “WYDEN IN MADRAS”, published 3/11/23; “COLLABORATORS”, published 3/6/23; “SOMEBODY’S GOING TO GET KILLED ON BADGER HILL”, published 2/27/23; “DUES & DON’T’S”, published 2/21/23; “SPIES, LIES & DEMONIZE”, published 2/10/23; “THREE WAY SPLIT”, published 2/2/23;

“I’M GOING TO PUT A BULLET IN MY HEAD OR ANYONE ELSE”, published 1/30/23; “WE’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT THAT”, published 1/28/23 SWEAR”, published 1/3/23 and “RANCH FIRE CHIEF SWORN IN”, published 1/3/23

Our stories are well researched, original, hard-hitting and accurate. At the same time we’ve faced malicious, vicious, defamatory and retaliatory attacks from various CRR representatives as part of their strategy to silence us and others deemed enemies of the Ranch.

In 2023 we decided to fight back and not just with the pen. As reported, on December 11, 2023, Redmond attorney Andrew Fitch from the law firm FITCH & NEARY, wrote the Crooked River Ranch Board of Directors a “CEASE AND DESIST” letter.


“Primarily since 2020, but certainly before 2020, representatives of CRRA (Crooked River Ranch Association) have taken adverse actions against LLC’s predecessor Ranch Matters CRR and its members and in particular John A. Stevens. This has been done via intimidation, interference and harassment and against Ranch Matters. It appears these actions are in direct retaliation for Ranch Matters CRR reporting on matters of public interest at Crooked River Ranch. It is hereby demanded that the CRRA Board IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST from all retaliatory conduct against Ranch Matters CRR.”


We know and understand our opposition. Clearly they can pretty much do and say what they want with impunity. They cover themselves with a cloak of immunity and use it as a dagger against targeted Association members. However, and this is an important however, directors can be subject to litigation when not acting “prudently.”

CRRA’s attorney, Kevin Harker has written articles in the past directly related to directors fiduciary duties and loyalties.

“Board members must act in the best interests of the ENTIRE membership. This also implies that directors put their own interests below the interests of the community, even if those interests conflict.”

Directors have a responsibility to act “PRUDENTLY” and act with care and seek advice, as well as seek INFORMATION “when necessary in order to make informed decisions.”

They have spent untold homeowners money on private lawyers for one purpose and one purpose only, to selectively bully and attack certain homeowners.

Are they acting in the best interests of the ENTIRE membership by financing, with your money, their private war against a handful of homeowners they deem the enemy?


Homeowners are waking up and are concerned with the method of governance employed by the Ranch leaders. They have voiced, albeit, privately for fear of retaliation, how certain Ranch representatives do what they want, say what they want, make rules, break rules and there’s never any consequences for their misdeeds and violations.


2024 looks to be another roller-coaster ride and whether you live on the Ranch or elsewhere, you’ll need reliable and timely information.

We’ll do our best with the limited resources we have to continue bringing you factual, honest reports that other news organizations won’t or can’t report.


Remain vigilant, don’t be afraid to question authority, hold all those in leadership positions accountable and NEVER surrender your freedoms.

Thank you and God Bless all of you in 2024.





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