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2/08/19, 3:23 PM

Special Road District Election-May 21, 2019

Ranch Matters confirmed today there are two Crooked River Ranch Special Road District (SRD) positions open for the May Ballot.

Position # 1, currently held by Rich Hoffmann, who was appointed by the Jefferson County Commissioners on February 28, 2018.

Position # 2, currently held by Mike Schlabach, also appointed to the position on March 14, 2018.

The Jefferson County Clerk’s Office provided us a copy of a Special District Director INFORMATION FORM, signed and submitted by John H. Williams, DISTRICT ELECTIONS OFFICER, on January 14, 2019.


According to Director Williams Information Form, Commissioner Schlabach replaced Clarence Palm and Not Sam Wilkins??

All interested applicants need to have their applications/petitions filed with the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office by March 21, 2019

Ranch Matters Staff

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