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Oregon State Troopers deputized as US Marshals

9/02/20, 8:58 AM

Oregon State Troopers deputized as US Marshals

PORTLAND, OR – It’s often said that President Trump is playing six dimensional chess.  This move explains why.

Oregon State Troopers are one of the few additional law enforcement support that the Portland Police Bureau is expected to receive.

Since that is the case, and the prosecutors in that area do not seem to want to file criminal charges on the state level, some have become deputized as US Marshals.

Oregon State Police have started reviewing arrests that they have made as a result of the ongoing riots in Portland to ascertain if any of those charges can be taken federally.

This is partially because the Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has said very openly that he was not interested in pursuing criminal cases against protesters unless they were violent acts, in his mind.

According to LET, Schmidt said he believes in not prosecuting those people that are involved in rioting unless he determines the crime was violent in nature.

Crimes that he is not going to prosecute include interfering with a police officer, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, harassment, escape in the third-degree and riot.

Now rioting, in and of itself, by its very nature is violent.

But since he cannot bring himself to file criminal charges, the federal authorities are seeing what they can do to help and deter further chaos.

In working with US Attorney’s, the Oregon State Police want it to be known that they mean no disrespect.  A spokesperson said:

“OSP is not criticizing any officials and we respect the authority of the District Attorney, but to meet the Governor’s charge of bringing violence to an end we will use all lawful methods at our disposal.”

What will most likely occur is that deputized troopers will be taught what can and cannot be charged federally.

Once any potential federal charges are identified, the deputized troopers will have to build a case packet and present it to the Assistant US Attorney that would be handling those cases.

If the AUSA approves of the federal charges, the US Marshals will then adopt the case and pursue criminal warrants for the people to be charged.

It is a surprising twist that the State Troopers have decided to go this route and work directly with members of federal law enforcement given Democratic Governor Kate Brown’s stance on federal assistance.  When President Donald Trump offered to bring in assistance, she flatly turned it down.

A spokesperson for Brown said that a select number of troopers had already been deputized in order for them to work and enter the Mark O Hatfield federal courthouse.  They also said:

“They are committed to working with our community, with the goal of protecting free speech, keeping the peace, and keeping people safe as they exercise their right to peacefully protest.  The US Attorney and Multnomah County DA work together every day deciding which cases each will prosecute.”

Of course, this move is in response to Brown’s plan on bringing an end to the violence that has been occurring in Portland for over 90 straight days.  However, she only really became concerned when Aaron “Jay” Danielson was shot and killed recently, presumably by a member of Antifa.

Portland Police have advised they are currently investigating Michael Forest Reinoehl, who says he is 100% Antifa, for the shooting of Danielson.  According to his social media, Reinoehl refers to himself as anti-fascist and supporters of Black Lives Matter.

Michael Forest Reinoehl

Although Brown would not denounce the group nor blame them for the murder, she did blame the bloodshed and violence on Danielson (although not directly) and members of the Patriot Pray Group.

She apparently believes that the unarmed man who was shot and killed apparently in cold blood, was somehow responsible for his own death as he was Patriot Pray group member.



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