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Jefferson County Planning Commission Meeting 7-23-20

7/23/20, 7:08 PM


The Planning Commission held a brief meeting this evening. It started at 5:30 PM in the County Annex Building and ended at 5:43 PM.


Chairman Cole Gayheart presided over the brief meeting that focused solely on the proposed Church application. Before Gayheart started, he asked his fellow Commissioners if any of them had a conflict of interest…

Commissioners discussed when and where they could hold the next formal meeting/hearing that could accommodate 100 people. One possible date mentioned was August 13, but they are considering other dates and locations. Their preference-CROOKED RIVER RANCH.

A Motion for the continuance was made by Commissioner Roy Hyder and seconded by Commissioner Richard Brandvold and approved unanimously.


After the meeting we had an opportunity to speak with Planning Director Phil Stenbeck regarding the process of involving public input. According to Stenbeck, the Commission welcomes any and all comments from the public. He stressed public input is crucial to their decision making process.

Ranch Matters Staff