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“Spies like Us” A Rebuttal By Carol Orr


By Carol Orr

Spies like Us, June 1 post. My response:
Since I am one of the “persons to be paranoid” about, I will weigh in. The truth is coming out regarding Ms. Lapora and her influence that she has over all CRR’s BOD’s . It is the most bizarre, dysfunctional relationship that you will every behold. It started with me when I joined the Board in 2017 and the very first lesson I learned from Judy L. was to be aware and on guard of John Stevens and Dave Stangland, saying these two were dangerous and that we the Board needed to watch our backs when leaving Board meetings, especially at night. I kept my purse nearby if you know what I am saying. She actually said she was so afraid that men were walking her to her car at night for her protection. This was and is such a lie, as I learned for myself. And the sad and frustrating part is that this nonsense continues to this day. And Ms. Lapora has only become more paranoid and has tripled down on such things as purchasing surveillance equipment in the Juniper room and is now upgrading such equipment at your expense. She is now worried that “bugs” have been planted in the Juniper Room. As you know, a video of myself was sent to the Sheriff’s office without my knowledge or the other 8 members of the Board, Apparently, Judy L and Schneider made this decision without any Board consent. I became very unpopular as a Board member as I asked too many questions and they the Board did not approve of my friends and acquaintances. As I said, the TRUTH IS COMING OUT, but what are we as Ranch members going to do about it?