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By Carol Orr

5/5/20  10:25AM

Just when I thought things could not get any worse regarding Judy Lapora and her gang of nine (Board Members), I read Steve Swigert has now become the latest fall guy in her regime, Steel Stampede Funds are continuing to be flushed down the toilet (2 projects that have been going on for 4-5 years, with no end in sight, graffiti is becoming worse and worse, certain members have been “trespassed”, certain members get no answers from the Board. Emails remain unanswered, you are forbidden to speak at BM unless they deem you may. I remind you that I have been warned that if in their opinion I “misbehave” the Sheriff will be called, charges and jail time. Misbehavior means asking questions for the record at a Board meeting. If any of you actually watched the Zoom Board meeting, it was embarrassing; Jerry Cooper laying in bed, so you can see straight up his nostrils, another member asking for a pat on her back to recognize her good works, a question regarding the new Golf Pro was stopped and told to be discussed in secret sessions, Judy’s lame reason why one of her employees cannot continue her job on the computer (Hacking issue), Mark’s stupid jokes and on and on. This Board shows absolutely no respect for us, the homeowners. How long are we as homeowners going to put up with this power tripping behavior. Answer, as long as we let them. I will miss Steve Swigert, he was truly a great guy with a big heart. He does deserve better. And those of you reading this, and continue to defend the indefensible, why?

Carol Orr


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