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April 2, 2020 1:05 PM







It’s my understanding Ranch Officials have a responsibility to address any and all crises that could befall the Ranch Homeowners-NATURAL or MAN-MADE.

I believe the Ranch Policy Manual has a section that specifically addresses Crises and the management therefore.

According to the Crisis section, “The Ranch Administrator will normally be the first responder (We are our own first responders) to any emergency or crisis (Unprecedented Pandemic) on Association property or with any staff.”

Further, “The Board will be brought into the emergency/crisis response planning and direction as soon as the initial crisis response has been addressed.”

So, I must ask, what plan or program has the Ranch Management/Officials developed to protect the lives and property of the homeowners?

As with any program, assuming the Ranch has one, in order to be successful it must be properly developed, organized, communicated, understood and implemented.

Although the Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora is accountable for the day-to-day operation of all Ranch Matters, the Board must assume the responsibility of establishing priorities, and ensuring that the operating procedures answer the safety and security needs of the lives and property of the homeowners.

I emailed President Carl Harbour and Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora on March 26, 2020 at 3:52 PM, titled: (Crisis) PLANS? No Response.

My email primarily dealt with what plans have been developed by the Ranch Officials to handle members that work and lost their jobs and can’t pay their bills, including dues. Additionally, I covered the two pending lawsuits, the on-going 2016 ballot measure suit and the more recent Water Company lawsuit. I asked how they justify moving forward in these uncertain times. Further, the continuing escalation of our HOA DUES, questions involving the profit and losses of the golf course and the Homeowners BOTTOM LINE.

Since I did not receive a response I felt compelled to expand upon my 26th email with the beginning portion of this letter.

Respectfully submitted:

Carol Orr

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