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12/22/21, 4:55 PM



Monday night’s (12/20/21), BOD MEETING was held via zoom and started at 6:01 PM. All Ranch Directors in attendance along with Ranch Manager Judy Lapora.

Meeting facilitated by President Bill Burt and he followed the attached AGENDA



*Video Snippet # 01: CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL.



*Video Snippet # 02: COMMITTEE/STAFF REPORTS & Lapora’s Collections/Budget Audit Updates.


*Video Snippet # 03: OLD BUSINESS & NEW BUSINESS that included a lengthy presentation/ discussion with the Binder Boneyard Owners. Owners presented their info/plan & answered questions from the Board regarding obtaining a letter of support. Some of the Board’s questions seemingly crossed over into the proprietary side of the owners business, including asking if they are making a profit. The owners graciously answered all of the Board’s questions & obtained their letter of support from the Board.


NOTE: Manager Lapora informed the Board why a letter of support is required. According to Lapora, “Jefferson County requires any new business coming into the Ranch to receive a letter of support from the Ranch.”

Director Julia Randall commented: “Ok, it’s sounds like being in jail-There’s No Freedom.”


*Video Snippet # 04: Discussion & Approval of AFE-264-Fuels Abatement Payment.


*Video Snippet # 05: Discussion & Approval of AFE-266-Swimming Pool Transformer. After matter was discussed, President Burt asked, “Makes Sense” and Director Richard Ebers replied, “Not entirely, but I’ll buy it anyway.”

After the vote, Burt declared it was an unanimous decision, but there was was 1 Director opposed. Next Video Snippet addresses the 1 Director opposed.


*Video Snippet # 06: AFE-266 vote record confirming 1 Director opposed.


*Video Snippet # 07: Blue Line Flag Discussion via CC&R Chairman Mark Schneider. Schneider was seeking approval of flying the Blue Line Flag. Flag issue was not resolved and Burt created an Ad Hock Committee to study flag related issues on the Ranch. The Ad Hock Committee Members include Directors Julia Randall, Randy Peterson & Ara Erdekian & they have 90 days to study the matter.


*Video Snippet # 08: Update to ARC Fencing Rules. President Burt confirmed attending an ARC Meeting last week and stated, “All 5 elected people decided that razor wire was an unacceptable fence type for the Ranch.” He added, “It’s the ARC Committee’s decision” and not the Boards.

Burt stated, “The last time I saw razor wire, I was flying in & out of a war zone.” He also commented seeing razor wire when driving past prisons and stated, “The last time I checked we weren’t a prison.” Lapora and Burt both confirmed that the former ARC (9/10/20), Application was just amended (12/20/21), to include the following language: “Concertina and/ or razor wire is prohibited.”

Burt stated there was no prior approval obtained and stated a letter was sent to the owner demanding the razor wire be removed by January 3, 2022.


NOTE: See RM story “Razor Edge” published on 12/11/21, for further background.


*Video Snippet # 09: Continuation of the Fencing Rule Discussion.


*Video Snippet # 10: Badger Hill Safety Issue Discussion and the installation of gates during hazardous driving conditions.


*Video Snippet # 11: Declaration of Compliance Document regarding HB 2534.


*Video Snippet # 12: President Burt’s prepared statements regarding RM 12/16 letter to all Directors regarding the trespass removal order against RM News Service and “PROOF OF ACTION.”


Burt statements were belittling, inaccurate, misleading, unprofessional and truth challenged. He neglected to read the very short letter aloud while manipulating the contents to suit is narrative.

He scolded RM for not thanking the Board and accused RM of attacking them.


SEE RM STORY “Listen Up” published on 12/21/21, for more details.


*Video Snippet # 13: PUBLIC INPUT: Resident Carol Orr asked to speak. Burt stated, “I would like you to turn your video on-so we can see you.” “I would like to see you.” Ms. Orr declined Burt’s request and discussed the Bocce Ball Court. She asked a series of questions, some answered and some not answered. Burt thanked Carol and cut her off. Director Ebers stated, “Can you mute her please.”

VP Carl Harbour rescued Burt and answered some of her questions and Ms. Orr thanked him for his polite response.

There was no further Pubic Input and the Directors discussion switched gears to the Work Session Review portion of the Agenda. Director Ara Erdekian asked about an email he received regarding the Golf Pro. He stated, “Is this a good place to talk about it?” Director Ebers said, “NO” and Lapora said, “Not right now, its Executive Session information.”

Director Monty Riddle commented about the razor wire rules impacting 2 counties-Jefferson & Deschutes. Lapora confirmed Jefferson County doesn’t address razor wire in their zoning codes. She said, “There’s nothing in their zoning regulations for or against razor wire.

Lapora indicated she might write the NEW Jefferson County Community Development Director about including the razor wire prohibition in their zoning codes.

(Note: RM contacted Jefferson County and confirmed Director Phil Steinbeck “stepped down” from his County Community Development position and has been replaced by Scott Edelman. Code Enforcement Officer Chris Reeves recently left the Department and Steinbeck steps down.)

Barbed wire was also part of the Board’s discussion…


*Video Snippet # 14: Closing remarks and meeting adjourned at 7:38 PM.

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