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11/16/18 4:45 PM

11/16/18, 5:37 PM


At 10:47 AM today, we received the following email from Ms. Karen Atwood:

“Hi John…..again, I have to apologize for again giving you incorrect information. I personally have never posted the SRD minutes on the bulletin board outside the admin office and thought and thought this was a recent change. I have learned today that it has been an ongoing process. I just want to be clear that there was no intention on my part to deceive you or cause any confusion.”

We again, thank Ms. Karen Atwood for her assistance.

11/15/18, 4:35 PM


Crooked River Ranch Special Road District-UPDATE

“It’s supposed to be posted-the AGENDA at the Fire Hall and Admin as well.”
SRD Commissioner John Williams, 11/14/18, Ranch Special Road District Regular Meeting.

Ranch Matters was asked today, to confirm LOCATIONS used by the SRD for publishing their Meetings. According to SRD Commissioner John Williams, during last night’s SRD Regular Meeting, the Agenda is supposedly posted at the CRR Fire Station and the Ranch Administration Building.

As requested we contacted Dana Schulke, Administrative Assistant at Crooked River Ranch Fire and Rescue about 1:00 PM today and she stated the Fire Hall does NOT have any SRD related information, including the SRD’s Agenda.


At 1:55 PM today, Ranch Matters spoke with Karen Atwood at the Administration Building regarding SRD John Williams statement about the posting of SRD Meetings. Ms. Atwood stated the following: Not aware of any postings by the SRD at the Administration Building, but added the SRD sends their Minutes to Ranch Manager Judy Lapora for inclusion in the BOD Agenda Packets.

At 2:10 PM, Ranch Matters received an email from Ms. Atwood, stating in part, “…I want to apologize for giving you wrong information. I did some checking after you left and found that the SRD minutes are posted on the bulletin board on the outside of the admin bldg and they are posted on the CRR web under Services…then Services SRD so again, my apologies…this was a recent change.”

We would like to thank Ms. Atwood for helping and clarifying this matter today.

The Posting/Publishing of Public Meeting Notices is the responsibility of the SRD Commission- Not the Ranch Fire Station’s responsibility nor the responsibility of the Ranch Homeowners Association. The SRD is mandated by state law to properly and timely Notice the public.

Ranch Matters Staff

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